On Mother’s Day, 2009, the Duggar family surprised us with the offer to build an addition to our 1700 sq. ft. house. Jim Bob’s plan was to add a 300 sq. ft. laundry room. Over the next few days those plans were GREATLY enlarged and modified as a HUGE 3-story 2900 sq. ft. addition began to materialize!

We have been blessed by the MANY volunteers and laborers who have offered help, materials, discounts, encouragement, and prayers! As we continue to work on the on-going adventure of building and remodeling, we remind ourselves of 2 very important things:

  1. As much as we LOVE our new MEGA-sized home, we know that the MOST important blessings that we will experience in this house are the people that walk through its doors! A friend recently reminded,"The most important things in life are NOT THINGS!"
  2. We would not be where we are except for the MANY others God has brought across our path .This is true in our family, in our spiritual walk, and in this building project! So, with much gratitude we say, "Thanks" to our fellow laborers, suppliers, and friends!

Special Acknowledgments

  • DUGGAR FAMILY – the special friends who began this incredible project of labor and love!
  • RUSTY CORNETT (Clinton, TN.)- Our master designer and chief builder! Rusty does it all – from drawings to framing to trim work and everything in between… He has been the brain and the brawn!
  • CLARK WILSON FAMILY (Magnolia, MS) – Co-designer and fellow laborers!
  • JOEL AND BETH PIPER OF KNOX RAIL SALVAGE (Knoxville, TN) – Donated a beautiful $1500 solid oak door and 4 tub/shower combos. Also provided unbeatable prices on interior and exterior doors, flooring, wainscot, trim, and many other building supplies.
  • MATT TINDELL AND STEVE BACHELOR OF TINDELL’S LUMBER CO. (Lafollette and Knoxville, TN)- Provided engineering advice, trusses, and most other building materials at HUGE discounts and PROMPT timing!
  • TIM HODGES, TRACY BERRY, AND DAVID WILLIAMS OF LOWE’S (Lafollette, TN.)- Provided numerous discounts on appliances, building materials, metal roofing, and many other supplies. Also donated many faucet fixtures.
  • JOHNNY PATTERSON AND DEREK HAUN OF PATTERSON EXCAVATING (Lake City, TN.)- Voluntarily performed massive excavation work, dug footers, and provided machinery and labor.
  • RONNIE SITLER AND JAMIE DAVIS OF CREATIVE RESTORATION AND FLOORING (Kingston, TN) – Donated most of the tile and wood flooring and labor.
  • POWELL CLINCH UTILITY (Lake City, TN.)- There are too many workers to name individually, but we are grateful for the 2 months that workers labored in and outdoors to bring gas and water lines to our home. All supplies and labor was donated, in addition to 2 instant tankless water heaters!
  • KERRY AND KATHY BOLTON (Knoxville, TN.)- Donated labor to help with our electrical needs, including problem solving to correct blunders we made along the way!
  • BILL BUCHANAN OF HILANDER RAILING (Atlanta, GA.)- Donated, delivered, and installed all porch railing!
  • MICHAEL DEMPSTER OF DEMPSTER’S POURED FOUNDATIONS (Knoxville, TN.)- Donated labor, work crew, machinery, and advice.
  • ERIC AND JIM RISDEN OF RISDEN CUSTOM CABINETS (Clinton, TN.)- Built and installed gorgeous custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities at incredible rates and deadlines.
  • DAVID STEVENS OF CONTRACT SURPLUS (Knoxville, TN.)- Provided tremendous window discounts- which is why we have so many!
  • JEFF CONNELL OF CONNELL PLUMBING (Clinton, TN.)- Provided discount plumbing.
  • MARK REYNOLDS OF CONNELL HVAC (Clinton, TN.)- Provided discount heat and air.
  • RICK KELLY OF KNOX DRYWALL (Knoxville, TN.)- Provided discount drywall service.
  • RICK SHUBERT OF UNIQUE STONE SOLUTIONS (Clinton, TN.)- Formed and installed fireplace stone at great discount.
  • STILL WATERS BAPTIST CHURCH (Knoxville, TN.)- Our sweet home church family donated all paint!
  • MIKE AND BRENDA LAWSON (Briceville, TN.)- Painted at discount rate.
  • BRUCE VANCE (Heiskell, TN.)- Donated crushed ice maker.
  • TREA BYRGE AND FAMILY (Lafollette,TN.)- Donated wood stove.
  • CHARLIE’S PIZZA (Lafollette, TN) – Donated commercial dishwasher.
  • RONNIE NELSON OF NELSON CONCRETE (Lake City, TN.)- Provided concrete at discount rate.
  • USA AGGREGATE (Knoxville, TN.)- Donated much of the gravel used to enlarge driveway and parking area.
  • EDDIE SOLES (Clinton, TN.)- Finished concrete foundation for house and porch at discount.
  • EAGLE INSULATION (Maynardville, TN.)- Provided discount spray foam insulation.
  • LANSING MATERIALS (Knoxville, TN) – Provided discounted siding.
  • J.P. FRESHOUR (Knoxville, TN.)- Donated extended use of wood flooring tools.
  • JEFF JOHNSON OF SMOKY MOUNTAIN LOG CRAFTS (Sevierville, TN) – Donated many hand carved black bear and western decorations.
  • CASEY ANTHONY OF HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS (Clinton, TN.)- Allowed us to move in and overtake their motel for 3 1/2 long weeks- donating 5 days and offering an unbelievable discount for the remaining weeks! Not to mention, they provided extra chocolate milk and yogurt!
  • MICHAEL SMITH OF NORTH KNOX SIDING AND WINDOWS (Knoxville, Tn) – Quick and cost effective installation of siding and gutters.
  • Paul Rodefer (Springfield, TN) – We are grateful to South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield, Tennessee, and Pastor Gagliano for sending a skilled carpenter, to help finish some remaining trim work in our house!

Many individuals and families contributed to this project in various ways. Some drove long distances to give of themselves and lend a hand. Some endured hard labor and some prepared meals or brought groceries. All gave the much needed encouragement to pursue this massive endeavor. We are grateful for each of you and pray that we too can be channels to pour out God’s love as you have done for us!